Less Wrong 2 Desktop Reader


Development plan

  1. Inquiry with current users
    1. Find a good selection of current users of LW 2.0
    2. Ask them how they use the site
      1. Do they read posts?
      2. Do they comment?
      3. Do they post?
      4. How do they navigate?
        1. Do they go to the main page and click on posts?
        2. On comments?
        3. Do they read the recommended material?
      5. Any other comments they have about their use of the site
    3. If they used the old LW, ask them what features they miss, in terms of navigation / interaction
    4. Any other comments about the site
    5. Compile summary of usage patterns, complaints, bottlenecks, etc.
      1. Various specific techniques for this, too long to summarize here
  2. Heuristic analysis of current site
    1. Enumeration of content and content areas
    2. Summary of existing navigation paths and their pitfalls
  3. Compile high-level requirements for improved version
  4. Subsequent steps to be added…