Economist Letter to the Editor re: Nagorno-Karabakh

Thank you for drawing attention to the situation around the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in "Heavy metal" (October 10th). However, Nagorno-Karabakh is not a disputed territory. It is an integral part of Azerbaijan, together with seven adjacent regions, occupied and ethnically cleansed by Armenia. Various UN Security Council resolutions demand the immediate, unconditional and complete withdrawal of Armenian occupying forces from the territories of Azerbaijan. The map in your article is falsified. The real map of Azerbaijan, showing Nagorno-Karabakh within its internationally recognized borders, can be found on the website of the UN's cartographic department.

We categorically reject the allegations on the use of Syrian mercenaries. Azerbaijan's armed forces are ranked 64 according to Global Firepower in terms of military strength and are perfectly capable of providing every protection Azerbaijan needs. Armenia, however, is ranked 111.

We have had no problem rallying our people. On July 15th, amid yet another Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan along the international border, an estimated 30,000 people gathered in Baku's Azadliq Square demanding mobilisation and war to bring an end to the occupation of Azerbaijan's territories. The international community should not expect to resolve this conflict by simply calling for a ceasefire, unless it addresses that occupation and upholds international law.

-- Tahir Taghizade (Ambassador of Azerbaijan, London)

The Economist October 31-November 6 2020, page 18