Trust Me I'm Lying: Confessions Of A Media Manipulator


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Chapter 1: Blogs Make The News

Chapter 2: How To Turn Nothing Into Something In 3 Way-Too-Easy Steps

Chapter 3: The Blog Con: How Publishers Make Money Online

Chapter 4: Tactic 1: Bloggers Are Poor: Help Pay Their Bills

Chapter 5: Tactic 2: Tell Them What They Want To Hear

Chapter 6: Tactic 3: Give Them What Spreads, Not What's Good

Chapter 7: Tactic 4: Help Them Trick Their Readers

Chapter 8: Tactic 5: Sell Them Something They Can Sell (Exploit the One-Off Problem)

Chapter 9: Tactic 6: Make It All About The Headline

Chapter 10: Tactic 7: Kill 'Em With Pageview Kindness

Chapter 11: Tactic 8: Use The Technology Against Itself

Chapter 12: Tactic 9: Just Make Stuff Up (Everyone Else Is Doing It)

Chapter 13: Irin Carmon, The Daily Show and Me: The Perfect Storm of How Toxic Blogging Can Be

Chapter 14: There Are Others: The Manipulator Hall of Fame

Chapter 15: Slactivism Is Not Activism: Resisting The Time and Mind Suck of Online Media

Chapter 16: Just Passing This Along: When No One Owns What They Say

Chapter 17: Cyberwarfare: Battling It Out Online

Chapter 18: The Myth of Corrections

Chapter 19: The Twenty-First Century Degradation Ceremony

Chapter 20: Welcome To Unreality

Chapter 21: How To Read A Blog: An Update On Account of All The Lies

Conclusion: So… Where To From Here?