2017-11-06 RRG Notes

Gears in understanding

In Praise of Fake Frameworks

The MTG Color Wheel

  • White prioritizes the group over the individual
  • Black does the reverse
  • Green sees the environment as something to be cherished and preserved
  • Black sees it as something to be exploited
  • Green sees genetics and environment as determinative, blue believes in overcoming and transcending one's origins
  • Blue sees red as impulsive and rash, while red sees blue as repressed and ufeeling
  • Red and white disagree on structure and commitment
  • White and blue both agree that structure is important
    • A white/blue agent asks how do we know what's right and good?
  • Blue and black both agree on personal growth - transcend social roles and social norms
    • A blue/black agent asks how best they can achieve their goals
  • Black and red both agree that independence is something to be fostered and defended
    • A black/red agents asks how they can get what they want
    • Embraces hedonism and "live-and-let-live"
  • Red and green agree on the importance of authenticity
    • A red/green agent asks where they are now, and where should they go?
    • Being present in the moment
  • Green and white agree that a whole is greater than the sum of its parts
    • A green/white agent asks what is fair and good
  • Black and white combine to form tribalism
    • Asks who's in their circle of concern
    • Scarcity mindset
    • Progress is a zero-sum game
  • Blue and red form creativity
    • Freedom combined with investigation
    • Wild artistry and mad science
    • Asks what can be achieved and what might be possible
  • Black and green both embrace the cycle of death and rebirth
    • Asks what costs must be paid to achieve the ideal
    • Belief in the virtue of evolutionary struggle
  • Red and white are the colors of heroism
    • Asks what needs to be done and what would a good person do
    • Morality and adherence to laws that may be higher than the laws of the society that one is in
  • Blue and green are the colors of truth-seeking
    • Asks what don't they understand?
    • Pursue knowledge, but disagree about what should be done with that knowledge

On Types of Typologies